OIL REMOVED by alex thomson
Recently busted out my old 30d, I love this thing.Side note: Oldies fucking love steamed milk. I can steam it all day, erry day but if the shit goes anywhere near my mouth, I’ll cut my fingers. BLAKKK COFFEE… 
Nov ‘12 

I’m not fond of summer. Unintentionally, I have been following the vehement season around the world for the past 3 years..
It has its advantages.
Secret Rainforest - Jan ‘12
Kondalilla Kelsey
December ‘11
Nature brews
December ‘11
Spot searchaz - Dam dreams…
December ‘11
Tuck the schmuck
May ‘11
Bones bushings blow.
Chris Wilson

April ‘11
Trip 35
Feb ‘11
Raab feeling right at home. 
One of the best spots on the Scumshine Coast.
fifty f1.8